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17 January 2017 (Tuesday)

Meeting of the Sir George Dyson Trust, London 1pm

21 January 2017 (Saturday)

Petersfield Festival Chorus rehearsal day

27 January 2017 (Friday)

Birmingham Bach Choir dinner with Julian Lloyd Webber

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4 February 2017 (Saturday)

Birmingham Bach Choir Come and Sing event Mozart Coronation Mass

9 February 2017 (Thursday)

Birmingham Conservatoire Camerata concert at St Alban's Highgate, Birmingham 7.30pm

This is a change from the previously advertised date of the 2nd February.

10 February 2017 (Friday)

Petersfield Festival rehearsal 7.30pm

11 February 2017 (Saturday)

Petersfield Festival Chorus rehearsal 10.30am

12 February 2017 (Sunday)

Paul attending recording by Bach Choir (London) of Dyson's early Choral Symphony in Bournemouth

16 February 2017 (Thursday)

Petersfield Festival Chorus rehearsal 7.30pm

17 February 2017 (Friday)

Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra rehearsal 7.30pm

18 February 2017 (Saturday)

Birmingham Bach Choir rehearsal day

Paul appears as interviewee with Pauline Round in Castaway Classics in the evening at St. Peter's Church Hall, Harborne, Birmingham (Birmingham Bach Choir event). One of his 25th anniversary events with the choir.

21 February 2017 (Tuesday)

Paul attends induction of Rev Anthony Moore as Vicar of Rottingdean

24 February 2017 (Friday)

Paul to give conducting seminar at Durham University

25 February 2017 (Saturday)

Blackburn Choral Society Choral Workshop on Elgar's 'Dream of Gerontius'

26 February 2017 (Sunday)

Oakham School concert at Birmingham Town Hall. Paul's A Shared Singing and 'A Living Stone' being performed.

27 February 2017 (Monday)

English Choral Experience committee meeting evening

28 February 2017 (Tuesday)

Paul gives choral conducting masterclass at the Royal Academy of Music

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3 March 2017 (Friday)

Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra rehearsal

4 March 2017 (Saturday)

Petersfield rehearsals all day

6 March 2017 (Monday)

Finzi Trust meeting, London

10 March 2017 (Friday)

Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra rehearsal

11 March 2017 (Saturday)

Birmingham Bach Choir perform Bach's St Mark Passion at Lichfield Cathedral

13 March 2017 (Monday)

Birmingham Conservatoire Chamber Choir concert at Birmingham Town Hall with Thomas Trotter. 1pm

16 March 2017 (Thursday)

Petersfield Festival final rehearsal 7-10

17 March 2017 (Friday)

Rehearsal with Baskingstoke Symphony Orchestra: Dvorak Stabat Mater

18 March 2017 (Saturday)

Petersfield Festival concert 1

19 March 2017 (Sunday)

Launch of Birmingham Conservtoire Chamber Choir recording of choral music by John Joubert (Somm Records) for his 90th birthday which falls this month. Birmingham University.

21 March 2017 (Tuesday)

Petersfield Festival final rehearsal 7-10pm

24 March 2017 (Friday)

Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra rehearsal

25 March 2017 (Saturday)

Petersfield Festival concert 2

27 March 2017 (Monday)

Birmingham Conservatoire Chamber Choir concert at St Alban's Highgate Birmingham. 7.30pm

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6 April 2017 (Thursday)

Whitehall Choir concert

14 April 2017 (Friday)

Birmingham Bach Choir perform Messiah in Wolverhampton Grand Theatre (Good Friday)

19 April 2017 (Wednesday)

19-26 April ECE Abroad course in France

Paul travelling from 24th

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4 May 2017 (Thursday)

Birmingham Conservatoire Camerata concert at St. Alban's Highgate, Birmingham 7.30pm

6 May 2017 (Saturday)

6-7 May English Choral Experiece CAMERATA weekend course at St Cross Hospital, Winchester


9 May 2017 (Tuesday)

Dyson Trust meeting 1pm, London

13 May 2017 (Saturday)

Birmingham Bach Choir extra rehearsal day

19 May 2017 (Friday)

Ludlow Festival of English Song until 21st.

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1 June 2017 (Thursday)

Birmingham Conservatoire Chamber Choir concert at St. Alban's Highgate, Birmingham 7.30pm

(moved fromn the 5th)

12 June 2017 (Monday)

Finzi Trust meeting London

17 June 2017 (Saturday)

Birmingham Bach Choir gives concert at Pershore Abbey

24 June 2017 (Saturday)

Birmingham Bach Choir gives concert at St Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham

26 June 2017 (Monday)

26-28th  Birmingham Conservatoire Chamber Recording for Somm Records at St Alban's Highgate, Birmingham. Music by Richard Rodney Bennett.

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1 July 2017 (Saturday)

Bach Choir auditions day

2 July 2017 (Sunday)

Birmingham Bach Choir lunchtime garden party at Paul's house to celebrate his 25th anniversary with the choir.

6 July 2017 (Thursday)

Paul's last concert with the Whitehall Choir. St. Peter's Eaton Square, London.

15 July 2017 (Saturday)

Paul assists with auditions for the Wooburn Singers (for Tom Hammond Davies)

23 July 2017 (Sunday)

23-30 (31) English Choral Experience week at Abbey Dore

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27 August 2017 (Sunday)

Paul takes session at Eton Choral Course at Oxford

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9 September 2017 (Saturday)

Paul's annual singing day at Abbey Dore. Mozart's Coronation Mass.

23 September 2017 (Saturday)

23rd and 24th: English Choral Experience CAMERATA course at Durham Castle

24 September 2017 (Sunday)

Premiere of Paul's new work for the Enthronement service for the new Bishop of Sheffield, Pete Wilcox.

25 September 2017 (Monday)

Dyson Trust meeting at 1pm in London

30 September 2017 (Saturday)

Ellesmere College Singing Day

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7 October 2017 (Saturday)

7th and 8th Paul's annual weekend course at Dreischor, Netherlands

24 October 2017 (Tuesday)

Paul travels to USA to work with University of South Carolina, Trinity Cathedral Columbia and Grace Church Cathedral, Charleston.

24 October to 6 November

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11 November 2017 (Saturday)

Paul conducts Howells day at Beverley Minster

14 November 2017 (Tuesday)

Paul gives talk about Arthur Bliss to Leicester Recorded Music Society

17 November 2017 (Friday)

Petersfield Festival rehearsal 7.30pm

18 November 2017 (Saturday)

Petersfield Festival Chorus rehearsal 10.30am

20 November 2017 (Monday)

Lichfield Cathedral Chapter meeting 9am

25 November 2017 (Saturday)

Birmingham Bach Choir concert

30 November 2017 (Thursday)

Birmingham Bach Choir performance of Bach's B minor Mass in Birmingham Town Hall celebrating Paul's 25th anniversary with the choir.

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9 December 2017 (Saturday)

Birminghham Bach Choir charity Christmas concert

14 December 2017 (Thursday)

Birmingham Conservatoire Camerata sing the University Carol Service at St. Philip's Cathedral

17 December 2017 (Sunday)

Birmingham Bach Choir Nine Lessons and Carols at St Paul's Church in the Jewellery Quarter

20 December 2017 (Wednesday)

Finzi Trust meeting and annual Christmas lunch. RIBA, London

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